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Access Control can be computerised or just use stand alone units controlling one door at a time
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Access control can be integrated with CCTV and Time Recording systems

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Electronic Access Control Systems

Access ControlBenefits:

  • Secure your employees, assets and premises.
  • Control access to any area or through any door.
  • Reduce the risk of crime against your business.
  • Monitor and manage the movement of visitors and staff on your premises in real time from a PC.
  • Control gates, barriers and other access equipment as part of an integrated system.

Stand-alone systems are for applications where you need access control without using a computer or a network-based system.

A networked system can either use a normal data network or, for a higher security level, run on its own stand-alone network.

Stand-alone Systems

PRX40 Stand-alone Access Controlfrom £195.00

These secure one or more doors without requiring the use of a computer.
Several doors can be controlled using the same set of proximity or swipe cards. Other types of access equipment can also be connected to these systems.



Networked Systems

falcon screenfrom £595.00

Single or multi-door systems can be connected using your existing computer network. This approach minimises the need for extra cabling.

Alternatively, for extra security, you may need a system that operates on its own stand-alone network. Other types of access equipment can be connected to these systems.


barrierOther Access Equipment


As part of an overall project, we are able to supply barriers systems, gates and other access equipment that can be connected and controlled by a Stand-alone or Networked system.


Whilst the above systems have similar core features, there are differences in capabilities which may make a particular system more suitable for your current and future requirements.

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