Auto:Time Express, Premium and Vanquish Time Attendance Systems
Premium is a Time and Attendance system for up to 500 employees
Electronic Access Control is integrated including control of Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

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Auto:Time Systems

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Vanquish has now taken the place of Premium for larger implementations and brings flexibility and full scalability with the benfit of a full SQL implementation and Report Generators as well as extended fucntionality.

You can upgrade from Premium without losing any of your historical data.

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Auto:Time Premium

Auto:Time Premium brings efficient time recording to a variety of larger organisations and market sectors, with the emphasis on ease-of-use, quality and value for money. The integration and automation of many popular features, including a comprehensive personnel management package, saves Premium Terminalsvaluable time.

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This system gives you big system functionality at a small system price and can use the following terminals:






Auto:Time Express

The ideal Windows-based Time and Attendance solution for up to 50 'live' employees.

Auto:Time Express brings efficient time recording to smaller organisations, with the emphasis on ease of use, quality and value for money. The integration and automation of many popular features saves valuable time and allows you to focus on the efficiency and availability of employees.

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