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Network Video Recorders

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Axis Network Video RecorderNetwork Video Recorders enable images from cameras connected to your network to be recorded without the use of a PC.

  • Records video from up to 8 network cameras with megapixel resolution

  • Easy to install, use and manage

  • Enables simultaneous recording and remote access to recorded video as well as live viewing

  • Records up to 100 frames per second at VGA (640x480 pixels) or 4CIF (704x480 NTSC, 704x576 PAL)

  • 160 GB hard disk with anti-vibration mounting

The perfect solution to your video surveillance challenges

The AXIS 262 Network Video Recorder, together with Axis network cameras, offers a comprehensive surveillance solution for detecting shoplifters, reducing false alarms, increasing personnel safety or viewing your premises remotely.

Complete network recording solution

Easy to install and use, the AXIS 262 is a complete recording solution that connects directly to your network and can be managed remotely via a local area network or the Internet.

It enables simultaneous recording and remote access to show live views and playback of recorded images from up to eight Axis network cameras.

Scheduled and triggered recordings can be performed at a recording speed of up to 240 frames per second in QVGA (320x240 pixels) and CIF (352x240 in NTSC, 352x288 in PAL).

Hard disk storage

The AXIS 262 is ideal for storing video with up to megapixel resolution. There is no degradation in video quality as it will always give the same image quality as the original image from the camera or video server.

The 160 GB hard disk allows you to store, for instance, 10 days of VGA (640x480) resolution at one frame per second from eight video channels.

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