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Vandal Resistant Axis CameraDigital CCTV - Stand-alone Cameras

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Your existing computer network can be used to connect stand-alone cameras so that video images can be viewed from any PC on the network according to user security levels.

Axis PTZ CameraSophisticated features are available within the cameras such as built-in motion detection, day and night functionality and the option to power the cameras from your network.

These cameras can be connected to your PC to view images via a browser. Multiple browser windows can be used to view more than one camera.

However, to view different cameras you would need to view the separate browser windows one-by-one.

Axis 212 PTZ Digital CCTV CameraFor several cameras that is tedious and images cannot be recorded.

To record images using your PC, and to view several images simultaneously, you will need some additional software.

If you want to record the images from your camera then please see the Image Recording using a PC or Network Video Recorders.

These cameras are suitable for use with Image Recording Software and Network Video Recorders

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