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Networked Access Control Systems

These type of systems allow you to control multiple access points. A computer holds the data about the access rights of the users to the doors and other equipment on the system.

You can set up different time periods for access to the various access points. All changes to the access rights can be made from the system PC without the need to visit the access points.

One of your key decisions is whether, for additional security, you need your access control system to be independent of your main data network.

Access Control Only

PC-Linked - Independent Network

JWS Navigator

If you want to Keep the transfer of data off your data network as per the Government security specification, this system does it, and is manufactured by John Wainwright Systems Ltd.

PC-Linked - Ethernet TCP/IP Network


Using your existing network can save you money in providing data cabling and brings advantages in enabling multiple sites to be controlled from one system.

Access Control Integrated with T&A

The following are T&A systems with Access Control modules built in. More details on these systems can be found in the Time Recording section of our website. These systems can be cabled either via an independent data network or using your existing Ethernet/TCP/IP network.





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