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Introduction to Computerised Time and Attendance Systems


In essence, these systems comprise of one or more special Clocking Terminals plus software containing a number of modules packed with data checking, recording and reporting features.

Employees can register attendance at a terminal using a swipe card, proximity device (card or fob) or a biometric method such as a handscan or a fingerprint.

The main advantage is, once the attendance data is captured by the terminal, the software can be used to provide a wide range of information and to export hours data into your payroll package.


hand scan terminalBenefits of a T&A system

You can get a lot from a modern Time & Attendance system.

For example:

  • Monitor absences including Bradford Factor reporting
  • Manage holiday balances and availability
  • Crack down on lateness
  • Prevent overpayment of overtime
  • Save admin time running your payroll by using electronic export
  • Easily set up Rotas to ensure you have the correct staffing levels
  • Manage and report on personnel issues effectively
  • Manage certification easily

Other things to consider

proximity fobMost organisations have some sort of network for their computers, printers and other peripheral devices. Computerised Time & Attendance systems are usually connected to this network.

If you don't have a network then we can connect a clocking terminal directly to your computer.

There are usually a number of other aspects you need to consider.

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