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Digital CCTV


  • CCTV ScreensCut the cost of crime against your employees and property.
  • Monitor and manage remote locations without the need for site visits.
  • Cost-effective compared to using manned guarding.
  • Images are accessible (according to user security levels) from anywhere on your network or across the internet for remote monitoring.
  • Can be connected by using or extending your existing computer network. This approach minimises the need for extra cabling.
  • Can be integrated with access control products to provide a complete security solution.


Axis 214 PTZ cameraWe supply, install and support a range of digital CCTV systems from individual to multiple cameras and with different methods of image recording. Select the most relevant category below and identify which route matches your needs. If you would like any advice, please contact us.




Axis 207Stand-alone Cameras

from £195

  • You can connect these cameras to view images from a PC on your network.
  • Select the type of stand-alone camera to meet your needs.


Image recording using a PC

from £425

  • Axis Camera ExplorerYou can use software to enable live images to be viewed and simultaneously recorded using a PC connected to your network.


Network Video Recorders

Axis Network Video Recorderfrom £1,945

  • Network Video Recorders enable images from cameras connected to your network to be recorded without the use of a PC.


Upgrading from analogue to digital

Axis Digital Video Serverfrom £345

  • Convert your existing analogue system and get all the benefits of a digital connection.


Starting from scratch

Axis Digital CCTV Starter Kitspecial offer bundles from £975

  • We can supply you with a number of Digital CCTV kits that include the most popular items required to set up a Digital CCTV system.

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