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Focus - "I can't believe how much time this system is going to save me!"

  Focus clocking terminals can now work with Paxton Access Control Tokens, Fobs and Badges Paxton Access Readers now work with Focus from A2T

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The Focus time and attendance systems have all the features you would expect from a modern Time & Attendance package, including Cost Centre analysis and Electronic Access Control modules. The interface is designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of computer applications will be able to use it easily.

The Focus system is designed to integrate seamlessly with your current systems, from importing employees' records to exporting payroll hours to packages such as SAGE and Pegasus. Through every stage of the design, compatibility and ease of use have been the top priority.

The Focus system has been installed in offices, factories, hotel chains, retail outlets, nursing homes and on construction sites. The Focus system is very flexible and can be easily customised to match special requirements.

These systems provide you with a wide range of terminals to suit your needs, from proximity card devices to the latest in fingerprint technology.

Check out Face Scanning no-touch terminals below:


All terminals can work alongside each other, and all work with all software versions – the Focus Enterprise, Focus PRO or Focus Lite program. See a COMPARISON CHART Focus Enterprise is the same and the PRO version but has some exrta features like Cost Centres, TOIL etc, call us for more information... 01761 410015.

HRX TerminalThe HRX Terminals use proximity cards or key fobs. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, which is an older technology, these proximity devices don't suffer from wear and tear. They require no maintenance and are easy to use as they can be detected without being removed from a wallet or purse.

Suprema Finger Print Terminal

The Focus system uses different types of biometric terminals. These take information from an individual such as a fingerprint or hand scan to verify identity. These systems are particularly useful if you have a problem with ‘buddy punching’ (where one employee fraudulently clocks in or out for another).

IR HandScan or HandPunch Terminal

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Focus PRO

Focus Enterprise

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