Integrated systems from A2T for
Traditional Time Clocks, Computerised Time Recording, Time and Attendance Systems, Job Costing
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems from A2TWhat do we mean by integration? What has CCTV to do with Time Recording?

Access Control and Time Recording functions can be integrated so that the same activation device is used for both systems. The software uses a common database for employee information. Depending upon the system chosen, other functionality such as a module for HR purposes may also be available.

Integration of CCTV and Access Control is basically the use of access control features to activate CCTV surveillance and recording.

The same computer network is used as the communications backbone to connect the component parts of all the systems. All systems can be included in the same overall support package.

The Time Recording & Access Control systems we supply and support with an integration capability include:

All the Access Control systems we supply have the capability to provide input signals to a CCTV system to initiate surveillance and recording.

What next?

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