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PC-Linked Independent Network Computerised Access Control System

JWS Navigator Pro and Lite

navigator access control software pdf fileThis system keeps the transfer of Access Control data off your data network as per the UK Government security specification and is manufactured by John Wainwright Systems Ltd.

This system uses state-of-the-art software connected to intelligent door controllers to provide a secure computer-based electronic access control system meeting the highest Government standards.

The intelligent door controllers require a mains power supply and are connected to the computer running the system by Two core
screened Belden 9501 shielded single pair cabling (this is not CAT5 Network Cable).

Navigator Lite

Navigator Lite is a competitively-priced package which supports small to medium size systems for up to 10 doors and 5,000 cards or token holders. It is simple to create and manage who goes where and when. Full historical analysis is provided. The User Group feature makes life really simple for speedy addition or deletion of users and their access rights.

Navigator Pro

Navigator Pro supports medium to large size systems of up to 75 doors and 100,000 users with complete alarm management software. Pro also supports Guard Tours.

Secure ... Monitoring of the network to the S1 door controllers and their settings ensures system integrity. You can even re-programme the door controllers with NAVIGATOR.

Remote sites can be connected via modems or Wide Area Networks (WANs) bringing all access control management to one central point of operation. Doors may then be monitored and remotely controlled.

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