Network and PC Support
Traditional Time Clocks, Computerised Time Recording, Time and Attendance Systems, Job Costing
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

Network and PC Support

Most of the systems we supply and support utilise PCs and networks for their operation. Our support staff have expertise in this area as it forms one of our core competences.

Some of our customers do not have in-house IT expertise and sometimes rely on our support team to act as a virtual IT department to support their IT infrastructure.

We can provide support for your IT infrastructure, including small corporate networks, and act as a virtual IT department.
Amongst other things, we can also advise on:

  • Small corporate networks
  • General PC and network requirements
  • Protection measures such as, Virus Protection, Spyware, Internet vulnerabilities
  • System Backup and Data Protection