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Auto:Time Premium and Vanquish


Vanquish has now replaced Premium and there is an easy upgrade path to ensure you keep all your existing data.

Building on the principles used in the Auto:Time "Express" and "Premium" products the Vanquish system builds on the common Time and Attendance practices recognised in many industries today.

The Vanquish system is user friendly and flexible and the powerful SQL database engine allows for full scalability.

Premium TerminalsAuto:Time Vanuish will save time & money, automtically calculating employee hours worked with the ability to highlight overtime as well as rounding time for lateness or early departure.  In addition, the personnel module allows for the storage of as much or as little information about each individual employee as you wish. The report generator enables you to then retrieve the information in the system quickly and easily in a format that suits your requirements.

Modules available include:

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Flexitime
  • Access Control
  • Scheduling
  • Web Services
  • GPRS Enabled Data Collection
  • Optional Report Generator

Features include:

  • Sophisticated working time calculations
  • Comprehensive absence management and holiday planning
  • Exception management

Display Screens

The examples shown below illustrate some of the functionality within the system.


Daily Tasks:

This screen enables users to easily deal with the outstanding exceptions that exist on the system.

Vanquish Daily Tasks Screen



In Adjustments users can manage the clockings and absences of employees easily and efficiently.

Vanquish Adjustments


In Entitlements you can set up how many days holiday employees are allowed so that they can be accurately tracked.

Vanquish Entitlement Screen

Year Planner

Here you can easily see the absences that an employee has taken and booked.

Vanquish Year Planner

Vanquish is compatible with all AT-5100 series terminals as well as Timeware 5 terminals, including magstripe & proximity versions, in addition to the proven IR 'Handscan' biometric terminal.   

Click here to download a video explaining how the Handscan terminal works.

The Premium and Vanquish systems also have an Electronic Access Control module.

What next?

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