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PRX40 Stand-alone Access Control

from £195

Control access for 250 users per door

The PRX-40 system is a single-door controller combined with a proximity-device reader.

It has a relay output which is designed to power an electric door-lock. It can unlock a door when a valid ID card is presented, or when a valid PIN is entered or when a Request to Exit (RTE) switch is pressed.

This unit can be used to control any access control equipment such as a door, barrier or gate with the capability to accept a control input.


This Proximity reader also has a numeric keypad.

  • PRX40 Stand-alone Access ControlReliable, compact and attractive design.

  • Perfect for locations where space is at a premium.

  • Internal relay for door-latch activation.

  • Set-up and control directly from the keyboard.

There are four operating modes to obtain access:

  • Proximity Card only
  • Proximity Card & PIN
  • Proximity Card followed by second card
  • Proximity Card & Global Code

It requires an external 12-volt power supply to operate and to supply a lock. These can be the same power supply where necessary, provided it has the appropriate rating.

We normally supply this system as a boxed kit for you to install. Alternatively, we can install the system for you if required.

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