Search Selectors - SS4000

The randomiser for all situations - SS4000 - Stop and Search Selector

SS4000When your organisation's property disappears it is inevitable that both honest and dishonest employees come under suspicion. If theft or 'shrinkage' has to be deterred, some type of stop and search procedure, ideally on a random basis, is needed.

Integrated into your company security policy, an SS4000 Search Selector can provide both a permanent deterrent to thieves and an effective means of catching those that are not deterred, without undue imposition on your honest employees.

The Search Selector is a pre-programmable push button unit intended for use at employee exit points.

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  • Easy to install - Can be desk or wall mounted, supplied ready to plug in and use.
  • Easy to set-up - Key-controlled settings of 0-100 per cent.

System Features:

  • Microcomputer system with four digit LED display.
  • Random selection is guaranteed to be totally unpredictable.
  • Built-in search and pass counters.
  • Output to trigger search monitoring video equipment.
  • Input for external trigger signal (e.g. from Access Control Card
    Reader, Turnstile Rotation Contacts, IR Beam, etc.).

How it works:

  1. The selector is in view of the security personnel.
  2. All personnel push the press button on exit.
  3. A red light accompanied by high tone indicates search, whilst a green
    light with a low tone indicates a pass.
  4. The overall percentage of personnel to be selected can be adjusted from 0-100 per cent (in 1 per cent increments).
  5. The selection is random and the odds of being selected are the same
    every time the button is pressed.
  6. Personnel pressing the button are unaware of the selector settings, so
    even when set at 0 per cent it has a deterrent value.
  7. Pressing the buttons maintains awareness of your search policy.
  8. The search conducted should be as thorough as is necessary to
    determine that the person searched has no company property in their

The system can be enhanced by using CCTV to oversee and record the search procedures. The recordings will allow you to ensure that your search policy is adhered to at all times.

Models Available:

SS1000 Hand Held SelektorSS1000 - this is a hand-held, mains or battery powered model. Datasheet & Order Form.




SS4000SS4000 - This is a desk or wall mounted mains powered model. Datasheet & Order Form.






Optional Accessories:

Remote Push ButtonRemote Push Button

  • The Remote Pushbutton Unit allows the Compact Selector to be installed at a location remote from the point of actuation.


Remote IndiccatorRemote Indicator

  • The Remote Indicator Unit allows remote monitoring of the Compact Selector's Pass or Search indication, or it can be used as the main indicator unit if using external trigger signals (e.g. from Card Readers, Turnstiles etc.) instead of the Push Button Switch on the Compact Selector.