Services & Support for:
Traditional Time Clocks, Computerised Time Recording, Time and Attendance Systems, Job Costing
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

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Services & Support

Whether you are acquiring a complex system or just buying a ‘boxed’ product to install yourself, our aim is to provide you with the level of support you need.

Purchasing a technical product or system usually involves our clarifying details of system features and capabilities with you. It is often faster to consult us about your requirements, so that we can help you identify exactly what meets your needs.

For virtually all systems, other than the lower level ‘boxed’ products, we normally undertake all or part of the installation and commissioning of the system on your site(s). For further details, click on Implementation.  

As part of the system hand-over process following installation and commissioning we usually provide some initial training to your staff so that they can start to use their new system. Thereafter, we provide further training as required to key staff that will be using the system.  For more complex systems and enterprise-level systems there is usually the need to ‘train-the-trainers’, who are then able to conduct in-house training of other staff members. For further details, click on Training.

The systems we supply are invariably key systems for any organisation. In-service support is usually required to deal with any operational issues that may arise and to ensure that any downtime is kept to a minimum. Support is provided through our Technical Help Desk or on-site as required. For further details, click on Technical Support.

Some smaller organisations we supply and support do not have their own in-house IT resources. In addition to our normal support services, we sometimes also provide Network & PC support. For further details, click on PC & Network Support.