Implementing Time Recording and T&A systems
Traditional Time Clocks, Computerised Time Recording, Time and Attendance Systems, Job Costing
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

Services and Support - Implementation

Time Attendance

Traditional Time Clocks
We supply these as a ‘boxed’ product where you can either read the instructions or where we set the Clock up according to your requirements before shipment. Thereafter, we can provide Help Desk support if required to assist with any operational issues that may arise.

Entry-Level Computerised Time Recording systems
We can supply these to you as a ‘boxed product’, but we would normally agree with you details of the working rules you use so that we can set them up for you in advance. We would then test these rules prior to either shipment or visiting your site to install and commission your system.

SME-Level Computerised  T&A systems
These systems enable more complex payment rules and other special requirements to be accommodated. During the pre-installation phase of the project we obtain details of your payment rules and other requirements from you. We then pre-program the software with your payment rules and test the system. We visit your site, install and commission the system and provide initial training to your key staff.

Enterprise-Level Systems
The level of complexity within an Enterprise-Level system dictates that we use a more structured implementation process. At the beginning of the project we work closely with your staff to create a full system specification and establish a realistic timescale for implementation based on the resources available.

The system is installed and commissioned and a selected group of your key employees receive training. They are then enable to test the system functionality during a pilot phase, with the new system working in parallel with your existing systems. Any issues arising are addressed at this stage before moving on to the next phase.

The training programme is rolled-out to so that key staff across the site are trained and able to provide local training for their various teams. The system is then fully implemented across the site. Any issues arising are then addressed before implementation at other sites.