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"I can't believe how much time this system is going to save me!"

Clare at Rotamec

Time and Attendance from A2T

Monitoring working hours and absences is a must in the current economic climate when you want to save time and reduce payroll costs.

A new

Computerised Time and Attendance System

to fit your organisation will give you a payback period / return on investment (ROI) that quickly adds to the ‘bottom line’. Why not check it out…

 here is as PDf with more information to share.

We specialise in Time and Attendance Systems

• for all types of businesses and organisations

• from 5 to 5000-plus employees

• Check out our new web based time and attendance system for smaller companies...5 employees and up with lifetime support and hardware warranty! There are normal clocking terminals, telephone, web and even mobile phone app clocking check out uAttend here.

Or to give you a quick route to finding the Time and Attendance system that best suits your needs, please click on the appropriate option below:


Time and Attendance can be a tricky subject, replacing an existing time and attendance system that isn't quite doing what you need or trying to find the right time system for the first time can be traumatic.

It doesn't have to be! Give us a call and we will help you sort it all out. Time and Attendance is our speciality and we know what we are talking about!

You can see some case studies here...

Here is our recommendation sheet...

But best of all, call us, you are under no pressure to buy from us but we know you will when we put you in touch with existing users of A2T systems, they are the best advocates we could ever have!

Time Attendance