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Entry-Level Computerised Time Recording / T&A

Whilst Traditional Time Clocks have their benefits, the administrative burden of using them can grow enormously. If you do not have very simple rules for calculating hours worked and payments for your employees, or if you have more than a few employees, you will find that an Entry-Level Computerised T&A system offers many advantages.

An Entry-Level system enables you to get the benefits of Computerised Time Recording without getting involved with the complexity of systems that contain a lot of special features.

Entry-Level Computerised Time Recording corresponds in general terms to the following:

  • Up to 50 employees
  • Single software user
  • Absence of very complex features in the software
  • Single Terminal

Although such systems have relatively simple software, there are still lots of features that make the move up from a Traditional Time Clock worthwhile in terms of the additional functions available to you.

uAttend web based time and attendance systemThe mains systems we supply at the Entry-Level are:

uAttend - Web based time and attendance means no software to install or maintain, run your system in the cloud.

Multi-user software with access from any internet browser in the world - PC, MAC, mobile - literally, any browser!

BN3000 Biometric Finger Print Clocking TerminalLifetime FREE Support and Hardware Warranty included and NO long contract, month-by-month only.

5 to 100+ employees

Clocks start at £119 with £14.99 a month membership for up to 9 employees - click for other web based time and attendance memberships.

Order online now and get 10 free employee badges.

Landline Telephone Clocking for remote workers so that you can prove that your staff have visited the sites.

uAttend Telephone ClockingFinger Print Biometric Terminals from £169

Finger print terminals are even being used on building sites to clock all employees and sub contractors on and off site.Access can be given to the remote supervisors of the subcontractors so that they can track their own staff's movements!









up to 50/100 employees

from £POA

The Timebox system is a simple and easy system to use and does NOT require a direct connection between the computer and the clocking terminal. The Timebox system uses a usb memory stick to collect the data from the terminal.

TimeLOG Mini715-clocking-terminal

up to 30 employees

from £POA

The TimeLOG Mini system is packed with features and can be upgraded from the 30 employee limit if required. The system can handle absences in advance as well as enabling you to check if other employees are already absent before the booking takes place.

Proximity Clocking TerminalExpress

up to 50 employees

from £POA

The Express system is also packed with features and has full capabilities for shift rotation and automatic shift allocation.

Handscan Clocking TerminalFocus Lite

up to 25 and up to 50 or up to 100 employee versions

from £POA

The Focus Lite system is an SQL-based system with scope for expansion and customisation.

Entry-Level systems can normally be upgraded to the SME-Level as your organisation grows.

Whilst the above systems have the same core features, there are differences in capabilities which may make a particular system more suitable for your current and future requirements.

We would like to discuss your requirements with you so that we can help you identify a system that matches your needs. For a no-obligation discussion, please telephone us or complete our enquiry form.