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SME-Level Computerised Time Recording / T&A

Time Recording Systems for Small & Medium sized organisations (SMEs).

This level corresponds to roughly 51 to 500 employees.

Although everyone thinks their payment rules are straightforward, there are vast differences in their complexity between organisations. Every system on the market has a different range of capabilities. A system that matches one organisation may not be suitable for another.

Key criteria for selecting a system are:

  • Capacity of the system is terms of the number of employees
  • Number of concurrent software users
  • Features contained in the software
  • Technology used in the clocking terminals available with the system

Examples of features which you may need in the software include:

  • Shift rotations
  • Balance tracking
  • Statistical reports
  • Rostering
  • Scheduling
  • Absence Planning
  • Flexitime
  • Integrated Access Control
  • Bradford Factor Reports

The main systems we supply and support at the SME-Level are:

The information on the pages for the systems listed above includes the key features but does not cover the full capability of each system. That is primarily because there are a lot of features in each system and describing them can be quite technical.

The software features you need to handle the complexities of your payment rules may not be easy to identify. You may therefore have difficulty trying to compare the features and capabilities of each system with your requirements.

It is often easier and faster to discuss your requirements with us, as we know the key questions to ask you to quickly identify a system that meets your needs. For a no-obligation discussion, please contact us.