Traditional Time Clocks, Computerised Time Recording, Time and Attendance and, Job Costing Systems
Proximity, Magnetic Stripe, Handscan and Finger Print Systems
Electronic Access Control Systems including Access Control Barriers, Gates and Visitor Monitoring
Digital CCTV Cameras, Network Cameras, Network Video Recorder Systems.

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  • Enables you to capture employee time attendance data for a wide range of purposes including Job Costing.
  • Save money by ensuring your payroll is accurate.
  • Save time preparing your payroll by using the advanced calculation capabilities of a computerised Time Recording system.
  • Easily track holidays, absenteeism and punctuality.

The products and systems we offer are divided into four levels:


Traditional Time Clocks

TM920-traditional-clocking-terminalfrom £POA

Modern designs of the traditional Time Clock are suitable for monitoring working hours for a smaller workforce in an office or factory environment.


Entry-Level Computerised Time Recording Systems

SY-711 Clocking Terminalfrom £POA

These give you the benefits of Computerised Time Recording for a limited number of employees without lots of special features you don’t need.


SME-Level Computerised Time and Attendance Systems

Computerised T&a Terminalfrom £POA

These provide the special features when your payment rules start to get more complicated.


Enterprise-Level Time and Attendance Systems


These are for when you need a system with very broad capability for use across location and departmental boundaries.



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