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TimeLOG Versions

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For up to 30 employees: TimeLOG Mini

For up to 250 employees: TimeLOG Standard

For over 250 employees, multi-user and with Access Control and Project Costing if required: TimeLOG PRO

TimeLOG Mini

from £595

TimeLOG Standard

from £995

TimeLOG Pro

from £1,495

The TimeLOG range gives you big system functionality at a small system price. It provides excellent Time Recording and Time & Attendance features.

SY-711 Terminal These include the ability to record multiple types of absence, as well as book absence in the future. The flexible reporting options gives you the biometric access output you need in a way that makes sense for you.

The only difference between TimeLOG Mini and TimeLOG Standard is the permitted maximum number of active employees at any one time.

The TimeLOG PRO version has the added benefit of providing you with Access Control and Job Costing Modules as well as being a multi-user system.

Examples of Screens and Reports

See the screen shots below to see how easy this system is to use.

Login using your security details; different users can have different access rights within the system:


Enter your employees' details in the personnel screens:

TimeLOG Personnel Screen

Check your employees' hours and any time keeping exceptions using the reports available in the system:

Timecard Setup Screen

Timecard Report

Carry out manual correction of any anomalies:

Manual Edits

Print off or export electronically the payroll information:

Pay Period REport

What next?

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