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Traditional Time Clocking Machines and Systems

If you need a non-computerised solution, our range of Traditional Time Clocks will meet your needs.

CB2000-uAttend-wireless-terminalHowever, have you considered uAttend, a web based time and attendance system that is computerised but doesn't need software installed and is very easy to use and the clocking terminals are Plug'n'Play so there is no complicated setup.

It adds up all the hours for you and provides an electronic export that allows you to email your hours directly to your payroll company or provides an easy to use report that you can type in the times to your payroll system. This saves you time and ensures payroll is accurate. Your employees can even check their own time sheets online if you want them to!

Just purchase your clocking terminal from as little as £119 and then for a very cost effective monthly membership you get lifetime support and hardware warranty for life. The monthly membership starts at £14.99 a month.

There are finger print terminals as well so that you know that the person who clocked really is that person!

Traditional Time Clocks use cards to record employees' start and finish times. Some clocks calculate the time that an employee has worked to save doing the calculation yourself, but if a clocking is missed the calculation is broken for that week or month. Some also have the capability to stop overprinting of clockings, one on top of the other. These do have much more expensive clocking cards though. All in all you are better off with a computerised system, its much easier to see what the employee have done in the past if nothing else! Let alone the time it saves working out who should be paid what!


TM920-traditional-clocking-terminalTM-920 Time Recorder

Special price for a limited time only £195

100 Free Cards, Free 25 Capacity Card Rack and Free Delivery!

A good value-for-money reliable traditional time clock that uses standard cards and ribbons, keeping things simple. It still has many of the features that more expensive clocks don't have.

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QR-375 Time RecorderQR-375 Calculating Time Recorder

price £249

A high performance calculating traditional time clock that calculates the hours worked for you. It also uses special cards to make sure that there is no overprinting of clockings.

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TP-2000 Job Coster

TP-2000 Job Coster

price £POA

An excellent value for money date and time stamp used for many different applications including garages, post rooms and surgeries - anywhere you need to print a date and/or time on a document.

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