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A2T uAttend Web Based Time and Attendance SystemWeb-based Time & Attendance from A2TuAttend

Lifetime Technical Support &
Hardware Warranty*

NO Software to install and NO Clock Cards to buy!

Buy now - visit:  uAttend.co.uk and get 10 Free Badges today

Very low monthly membership fee payable

Plug 'n' Play, wired or Wi-Fi out of the box!

CB1000 Wired Clocking Terminal        CB2000 Wireless Clocking Terminal

Proximity, wired and Wi-Fi

uAttend BN3000 Time Clock   uAttend Landline Telephone Clocking

Finger Print and Landline Telephone Clocking

On the hardwired terminal, there is NOTHING to set up at all, just plug it in and it works! The Wi-Fi terminal only needs your network code added and there is NO software to install on your PC!

Buy now...

Just plug in the time and attendance terminal and start using the web-based time and attendance software. It really is that easy! It is as easy as opening a box!

Log into the system using your username and password, this can be used to limit which employees each supervisor or manager can view and edit...

uAttend Login Screen

Employees can even clock in using their web browser if they don't work where the clock is installed!

uAttend Web clocking

AND you can manage your companies time and attendance data from anywhere in the world, not just from the PC in the office that has the time and attendance software installed on it!

This is the employee Timecard screen - it's easy to see when the employee clocked in and out, and the hours that are being recorded, including automatically calculated overtime!

uAttend Timecard Screen

Hours can be accrued to different departments when clocking either on-line or at the terminal.

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AND you can see from anywhere in the world who is clocked in right now, in REAL TIME!

uAttend Who's In Screen

AND the terminals cost less than a mechanical time clock, come with 10 free employee badges, and have LIFETIME free replacements and support*! No expensive Maintenance Contract!

Terminal Starting Priceand call us for any special offers
and get even more discount - 01761 410015

Monthly Memberships



Typical Wage Bill

2% Payroll Saving**

















* Membership includes lifetime terminal warranty and lifetime technical support. Telephone clocking is 5p per clocking.

** Bottom-end saving reported by existing A2T customers when introducing a Time & Attendance system.

Proximity Cards and Proxmity Fobs

Employees can clock with a PIN instead of a card or fob...

Maximum Prices, larger quantities work out less per item:

10 Pack = £24.74

10 Pack = £34.75

Network Cables from
£4.75 for 3m

Proximity-Card Proximity Fob Network-Cable

No limit to the number of employees, add and archive employees easily.

uAttend Employee Setup Screen

Electronic data export for payroll saves double keying and ensures accuracy - export hours:

uAttend Payroll Hours

or Export Gross Pay:

uAttend Gross Pay

Free LIFETIME technical support* and no contract, forever!

Administrator Screen:

uAttend Admin Screen

Timecard Selection Screen:

uAttend Timecard Selection Screen

Employee Timecard:

uAttend Timecard Screen

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Adding a clocking:

uAttend Clocking Edit Screen

Booking Holiday:

uAttend Booking a holiday

Department Setup:

uAttend Department Rules

Employee Setup Screen, set up the badge or PIN here as well as pay rate, etc:

uAttend Employee Setup Screen

Employee Preferences, enable the user to see their own Timecard on-line here:

uAttend Employee Preferences Screen

What the employee sees on-line if they are allowed to, to clock in:

uAttend Employee Clock in Screen

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Their Timecard:

uAttend what the employee sees...

The administrator can set the Employee Holiday Balances:

uAttend Employee Accruals

Electronic Payroll Export Setup:

uAttend Payroll Export Setup

Timeclock Setup (have as many as you like!):

uAttend Timeclock Setup Screeen

Buy now...

Department Rule Setup (have as many as you like of those as well!):

uAttend Department Rules Setup

You can have as many supervisors with restricted access as you like:

uAttend Supervisor Setup Screen

A very affordable monthly membership charge is payable to use the uAttend system, see here for prices and to purchase the system...


*Conditions apply and membership must be in place.